Wats going on?

i’m getting all these server errors when i try to go on kirupaforum. its been happening the past few days…and i donno why its happening.:q:

Switch to firefox, no problems here. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen anything like this on IE.

i am getting them as well.

Have you considered installing the XP SP2 release candidate 2? Another option is to check to make sure that you have your Lan Settings set to automatically detect if you are on Cable/DSL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yeah, i should install it.

Oh wait - does it happen only when visiting this site? If so, it could be that the kF server is going nuts :slight_smile:

yeah, it only happened on kirupaforum. kirupa.com worx fine.

kirupaforum only - …lol kirupa nice pro-XP propaganda

the “switch to firefox” is driving me nuts - I wish you could put certain phrases on your ignore list.

yeah, i use firefox… i dont know why, it sucks. Crashes constantly.


And nope, I haven’t been getting them in IE, even without SP2. Although I don’t actually know if I’ve already installed SP2 or not :ne:

I misunderstood his earlier question. I interpreted what he said to mean that a lot of sites display that same error. It has nothing to do with the browser or your service pack status :slight_smile: You all happened to visit it at just the right time when the server decided to take a break!