server down?

hey, i have tried to get onto 2 times today and it still doesnt work. Anybody know what is going on?

No idea, but it doesn’t work for me either. :frowning:

same over here …

must be something wrong … and it’s not our fault … phew … : )

well yes, we know its not our fault! but i needed a tut. so i am kinda mad!

I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I think both his site and this forum are down AT LEAST twice a day… that is not a good record for the company that hosts his pages. :-\

tell me about it. but now it is looking like it is more or less that he needs to renew the name!

how did you make that cool zoom effect when moving through your site?

Seems to be the popular question lately…

Haha, someone just created that thread earlier today.

yeah, the site does seem to be down :frowning: Let me contact tech support!

Kirupa :rambo:

Ok, I just shifted all the graphics/animations from the main server to the forums. Hopefully this should help the forums act “normal”.

Kirupa :-\

As i see the main (not is still down!!

To bad:sleep:

yeah, the main site is down still :frowning:

And now I get a login pop up screen thing, and if I hit cancel on it it brings me to a page that says I am now authorized to view the page.


Why… yes it is =)

this is the most succesful thred i ever had!:cyclops: :elderly:

Kirupa’s da man! :slight_smile:


phew I thought I had screwed up my Inetenet explorer…

Your what??? (-:


you know, your Inetenet explorer =)

Kirupa :cyclops: