Way to show stage if image covers it?

Quick question: Is there a way to show the outline of the stage after an image has covered it?

I made a simple example for forum purposes…

Lets say I want to make this pumpkin guy bigger:

Now on the last frame, his head is too big and I can’t tell where the stage is!
http://www.seventhstorm.net/pumpkin2.jpg (***The blue outline is something that I drew)

Is there a way to make the outline of the stage show, like I have on the second image?

could you maybe create an outline of the stage manually and use this code to control the alpha?

MovieClip.prototype.fadeTo = function(value, speed) {
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
this.aV = Math.floor(value-this._alpha);
this.aV ? this._alpha += this.aV/speed : (this._alpha=value, delete this.onEnterFrame);
//example useage
dim.fadeTo(100, 10);

dim being replaced by whatever the name of your movieClip is.

Hrmm, I suppose that might work. I dug around and I didn’t see an option to highlight the frame :frowning: They should really add that…