WC3 Cinematic

Alrighty, In an attempt to learn how to use the cinematic feature of the world editor for WarCraft III, I decided to create a Monty Python thingamabobber. It turned out pretty well in my oppinion, after 6 hours of work. All comments appricated

The map (zipped): EDIT: stupid yahoo shakes fist aggressively If anyone can let me borrow 2.3 mb of space from their site, it would be greatly appreciated until I find a file host

HAHA! That was great! GREAT!

Good job, good job my boy!

Thank you very much, sir! great sweeping bow

I plan on making others. The parrot sketch is definately up there. :smiley:

ah ha! I win again you stupid machine. you can download the map there.

sighs after patiently downloading the file

I don’t want to reinstall WC3… :frowning:


[size=1]I’ll just pretend :bad:[/size]

Hey, that’s was magnificent man! Great job! Totally Awesome Dude!


I don’t have wc3! :scream:

PM me if you still need a few megs of space.

Thank’s Eilsoe, but it’s alright - I remembered, that’s what Geocities is for! and if I run out of space there, I’ll open another

why didn’t I think of this before?

El: Glad you liked it :smiley: Monty Python are the best, sadly though, I watched that movie so many times to make sure the timing was perfect that now the joke isn’t funny any more. Oh well.

That is a great movie!..the real one that is… JK! I didn’t want to go find my WC3 CD.