WarCraft III: Who's Played it?

Hey all,
If anyone has noticed that I haven’t been on the forums much lately (I’m sure EVERYONE better have noticed) it is because I am just trying to finish through WarCraft III. Have yet to try multiplayer as my cable connection today is kind of bad, but the single player is really good. I am only currently on the Undead level…well anyway, this is a Random topic…so I decided I’ll post a random post :slight_smile:

Has anyone else played WC3 yet? It’s quite a good game.


I have played it! But I usually prefer less colorful and less cartoon-like strategy games like … ummm I don’t know… Starship Troopers was sort of a good game I think
But Warcraft III is not a bad one too!

i think i will give it blast… i saw it in the shops last week… infact i’m buy it…

but don’t tell my bro… i’m ment to be workin’ :wink:


War III is a tad bit cartoonish, but if you notch the resolution beyond 1024x768 and add some Anti-Aliasing, the game is really good…provided you have the hardware for that kind of performance :slight_smile:

Maybe WarCraft IV will be less cartoony haha.


but if you notch the resolution beyond 1024x768 and add some Anti-Aliasing, the game is really good…provided you have the hardware for that kind of performance
…show off… :slight_smile: j/k

just started playing it after a long hard days work…looking good so far…i like the cartoony effect…


i play it multiplayer only i think singleplayer sucks u get attacked after 30 seconds with heros that are already in level 10 while you’re still cutting trees and collecting gold to make your first building…
and yeah it does look cartoonish but it’s still a neat game…i love the undead breed
well lataz gonna summon me some more ghouls:)

Game of the year!

I LOVE this game. The hero aspect is really great and best of all, you don’t have to worry about having countless numbers of troops. I like how that’s been downplayed to just having a good group (almost like a super hero team).

Blizzard is simply an amazing company. They always make outstanding games; but what else would you expect a StarCraft junkie to say. :slight_smile:

I’m happy the game is “cartoonish.” I’m tired of games trying to look so real that they don’t even have a sense of style.

See you in Worlds of Warcraft next year … if Star Wars Galaxies hasn’t made me unemployed at that time. :slight_smile:


I think War3 will be the last game I’ll play till I graduate from college. I’m barely finding time to play right now (on summer vacation…AP classes make you read over the summer) and it’ll only go downhill from then on lol. Yeah, I’ve never played a RPG before (Zelda: LInk to the Past) could be considered an RPG, but not really.

For some reason time, I don’t think Blizzard will get the game out in time (shocked! shocked!!!). I think by the time I get out of college, the beta test for WOW will begin in about 5 years hehe. I still have my WarCraft II: Battle.net box from about 3 years ago that says “It’s Coming: 1999” or something (it’s been a long time) with a big catapult in it.

The hero aspect is really great. I am currently nearing the end of the Orc campaign…I think (the one after you finish cutting 15k lumber). The four races are just great. The game seems to go on forever…which is a good thing mind you. I like the detail of the terrain. Besides, this is a RTS, people should consider Unreal Tournament 2003 if they are looking for some great graphics. Does this game remind anyone of MechCommander 2 (minus the base building part)? MC2 is very similar in the terrain, movement, camera position, etc.

Btw: Zero, I didn’t say I could play the game at that setting…just said that it would look better if one could lol :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

>>>I think by the time I get out of college, the beta test for WOW will begin in about 5 years hehe.

lol, very likely indeed. However, it seems like they have quite a bit of progress going on for that game.

I agree that MC2 is somewhat similar but I think Blizzard also took some ideas from Age of Empires this time around (especially the “call to arms” bell in the human race that turns workers into warriors, similar to ringing the town center bell in AoE to garrison your villagers).

Great game. Now if only I could find another excuse to leave work early today. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t checked out this site, it’s a little helpful (not much, but a little): http://www.battle.net/war3/basics/basics.shtml


Hey time,
I’m not sure if you are big on Replays, but you can view some great WarCraft III replays from other players by downloading them at: http://www.battlereports.com/viewreports.php?gametype=w3 StarCraft had them and now Warcraft players can finally have the replay ability as well. Basically, you watch another multiplayer game except you can move the camera around and see how a player manages his/her resources, etc. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just checked that URL and most of the replays are screenshot only. Guess we may have to wait till better versions come out…if it even is possible to have SC-like replays. <—me confused

Kirupa :rambo:

I don’t know for sure, but when you do play online there is still a save button. That might be a way to save a replay or you might have to do console work and type like savedemo or demorun or something, I don’t know.

I love W3 single right now, but I’m very disappointed at how blizzard has nearly destroyed battle.net for Warcraft 3. They’ve made it 99% clan oriented. You can either join a custom game, like the simpsons or lurker wars from SC, or you can do “Play Game”. the play game seems like you have to already have a team set up and a different team to play or something, and it just doesn’t look like its as much fun as the old SC way of joining either melee, team melee, custom, or stuff like that. They should go back to the old tried and true b.net.

And if you think yall have cartoony graphics, try playing it on 640x480 (thats default and i was too stupid to change till after i’d played about 4 days) with my “graphics card”.

I bet they looked like little Lego blocks? That’s the first thing I changed when I got into the game was the resolution. I have yet to try Multiplayer cuz I can’t find anybody cool to play with hehe :ninja:

Personally I’d rather have a good quality game, like blizzard always puts out, than a crappy game that comes out a year earlier. And the best site by far for the game is http://www.warcraftiii.net

WC III is great! I think a good combo of RPG and RTS… Just enough to keep both sides happy. So far I have been messing around with the single player version. Gonna go out and buy a few more copies for the next LAN party at casa de Niann. =)


There seems to be a playable Hydralisk in the game: http://discuss.madonion.com/forum/showflat.pl?Board=gaminggeneral&Number=967949 I had no idea, guess I might have to try it out sometime later. I hope that pic is not a fake.


Never Played warcraft before and it looks really great, and I was thinking about buying it but I don’t have 60 bucks to spend, and really no time to play. Maybe once school starts…I’ll have more time to procrastinate…:slight_smile:

Decided to bring this thread back up considering I just saw a GTA3 thread. So, does anyone still play W3. I still play almost everyday if I have time…which I don’t hehe.

Kirupa :evil:

I was playing it everyday (single player), but I got stuck on a mission that was kicking my tail. Then, I bought UT2003, and I havent played WCIII. Now that you mentioned it, I may have to play again. Hehehe

I liked the game but I didn’t like the cartoonish characters and the 90 unit limit. With that low limit you can 't build a very big army ond you never get a chance to use some of the bigger units. I hope if the make a SC2 they Don’t do the same thing they did to WC3. Good game but I’m a little dissaponted.:smirk:

Just got UT2003 Today can wait to get home and install it.