*****Weapon Of Choice*****

ok everybody - whats your weapon of choice? Lets here of your favorite pieces of software and why you just love it!


Me (Mariofan) = Adobe Illustrator
Why its my weapon of choice = I just couldnt live / work without it! from setting type to drawing crazy pictures it is used in EVERY piece of work i do! Its the one piece of software i know totally inside out and get every update religiously!

SAD FACT : i have a illustrator logo on my ericsson t68 mobile phone… :*(


wow that’s cool - Illustrator is a great tool - I wondered if that was how you did all your drawings and such (like the ones for the metroid site)

Mine would have to be photoshop and dreamweaver. They are my favorites - I really can’t pic one sorry :slight_smile:

Flash is a close 2nd though…

my second would either be photoshop or indesign (yeah sure - im a print designer!) - but im also really into flash! (oh, im just into all graphics programs…)


flash 5. i never liked MX all that much. i still use it though.

I simply cannot choose between Illustrator and Photoshop. I just can’t! And you can’t make me! C:-)

my weapon of choice is Flash MX.

Spider Solitaire


besides flash mx, my weapon software would be M$ Paint Brush…

software: Photoshop… no doubt…

weapon: that hella awesome minigun from timeplitters :stuck_out_tongue:

i like c4d xl7

Time splitters 2 rocks!!! I love that game :slight_smile:

(and to get back on topic…)

chanting Photoshop & Dreamweaver

PS7, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, MS Paint, illustrator (after i download it)


Flash/Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop 6… I haven’t actually been using much Flash lately… just for experiments and helping people with files… not too many creative juices flowing on the flash end of things… I just found out about the awesome-ness of the Pen Tool in Photoshop…

heh, i never really completely understood it, how do u use it?

(sry to be off topic)

there is a discussion in the D&D forum… and here is a really good link that I used… http://www.webclass.ru/tut.php?tut=136

PS7, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, MS Paint, illustrator (after i download it)


my weapon of choice is…hmmm… you can say OOT :stuck_out_tongue: no just kidding i hate that programming language and think ahmed hates it too. my real weapon of choice is ->->->->C++. <-<-<-<- and i would like to learn flash MX, html, php, xml, visual basic etc so i can be invincible :rambo: :beam: but i have one problem i am way too lazy to learn one of them. :-\

so i need someone to give me a push :bounce: to wards learning them. and i think K.V. is doing a great job but one thing that i dont like is reading so i am not into turorails.

but for now my weapon of choice is C++ and i am proud of it.

I just started with C++ the other day. So far I like it.

php’s fun too :slight_smile:

i relate everything to php anyway… its easier to learn when you can relate it to something… :slight_smile: Love PHP…