Web-based e-mail client

Hello guys!

I already installed an email server in a PC. It supports POP3 and SMTP. But I want the email to be available through a web-based e-mail client, just like NeoMail from NeoRants.

The problem here is that NeoMail is for Unix, and I have my mail server running on a Windows system.

Does anybody know a program like NeoMail for Windows?

Please help!


If you can add IMAP to your mail system, you should be able to run SquirrelMail. It’s PHP-based so I think it should run on Windows.

Thanks! I found SquirrelMail and Horde too.

I just found out that the ArgoSoft Mail Server Pro version supports IMAP. I just installed it. And when I go Localhost the login page comes out. Then I try to install Apache and I get an error. Is there a way to have both installed and move the Mail Server login page to somewhere inside my HTDOCS apache folder?


Sounds like Argosoft contains a webserver. So it’ll compete with Apache over who gets to ‘own’ port 80.

Can you configure Argosoft’s webserver to use another port than port 80? Then you could set up Apache as a reverse proxy and forward requests to Argosoft.

Or you could just use another port for either Argosoft or Apache and use http://my.domain.com:8080/ for the one you configure to use another port than port 80 (port 8080 in my example).

Maaaaaannn!!! Thanks sooo much! It did work! The Web Interface port was set on port 80, I just changed it to 8080.

Sorry, im a newbie. I just changed the ports and everything goes smoooooooth. :smiley:

It has the option to change the SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Finger, and Web Interface ports.

Coool. Thanks.