Web Consulting Partner/Contractor

I currently own and run my own part-time web consulting business (www.fyreflystudios.com) and I’m looking for anyone serious about either becoming a partner or contractor to help me take it full time.

So far I’ve been managing both the design and development aspects of the company, but I would like to have the person who comes on take over one of those rolls, preferably the design aspect. If you have any flash or actionscript skills, that would definitely be a plus.

I have several ongoing clients at the moment, and with additional help I’m sure that will increase quickly. One of my top priorities will be a branding and website redesign to more accurately reflect the standards-based and small-to-medium sized business approach I’m trying to reflect.

Please, only serious job seekers need apply. I am very anxious about getting Fyrefly up and running and would only like to see those people who are serious about a part-time or full-time freelancing career.

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