Web design biz

How is the web design business now a days…is it woth getting into it ??

Not in France, if that’s any help, or you must be very good at programming, if possible dynamic sites (means you should have mastered ASP, PHP, Coldfusion or s’thing like that; and databases -mySQL etc…)!

not that i have that much experience, but i think that the main problem is that there will always be someone better than you, and you are always expendable. There seems to be no job security when it comes to web design. If you work for a firm, then you could be fired without warning, or if you are self employed you may have difficulty finding work. The money once you find it is good, but you need to be very good, or very lucky, or both.

For people who have been freelancing all along, the word on the street is, it’s gettting better

I agree Jubba. Very good and very lucky indeed. I know people who only have one or the other and don’t make much more than a waiter/waitress.

You have to love what you do when you choose design otherwise there’s not much to love about it.