Web design logo

I am creating my company logo. I have created one. Please review it and if you have any suggestions on that, please let me know.

I’m not really feeling it. The two spaces are different widths. I also don’t like the font you chose. Try going for a cleaner looking font to match the logo, or a more grungey logo.

I don’t mind the two different widths, but I do agree about the font needing help.

Plus, either some color added or some value differences in the color you chose.

please don’t go grunge.

i kinda like this… with a new font it could be pretty spiffy.

Indeed, the font you use needs to be changed. It looks like Astonished but I’m not positive. In general as a rule of thumb, try to stay away from the free fonts for professional use as they are used ad nausiem. That’s not to say you can’t ever use them, just as a general rule, avoid them.

Dont know why but I took a swing at your logo. But I like yours, except the font…I dont like the font in mine either, but I think you should do a nice sans serif. And not a free one.

And stop posting in the wrong forum. I haver moved 4 of your posts.

nice one DDD, it’s amazing how a simple change can make a huge difference in the look of a logo.

my little spill to help ya out

To me when I hear zealous, I think spastic or nervous or something kinda drastic. When a person is zealous they tend to be kinda hyphy. So the straight lines of your first concpet come across as too peaceful. And organized. Thus kinda killing the verb or adjective should I say zealous. Not saying mine is the way it should be as it only took 10 secs to make. But it shows energy and interest.

gets off soapbox