Possible... logo?

I don’t know what to use this for exactly, I’m thinking of placing it on my splash page for my “not yet complete” website. But tell me what you think of it anyway. And as you can see it is Copyrighted :stuck_out_tongue: .

i like it but the text doesn’t really stand out to me. i would pick a more legible font for webdesign. i do like the shape of it.

LoL… copyrighted… LMAO

anyway, the logo is alright not very impacting. the outside ring is a little thin for a logo, when it shrinks down it will disappear. the “webdesign” in the cetner is way to thin as well. put a solid copy up here instead of one all photoshoped up if you want a real critique on your logo only.

I think this is as solid as it gets…

Edit: Alright, I made a couple of changes… I made the outter ring wider and I changed the font on “WebDesign,” it’s the same one I used for “BA,” I’m not too sure which font to use.

For some reason it looks like something I’ve seen before… hopefully it’s not.

Personally I prefer the one that isn’t all photoshopped up. I think simpler is better for the most part. But I prefer solid color, and I dig the blue you have there.

yea. i prefer the none-photoshop one too.
i like it (the color, the shape), it looks good! :thumb:

but, not sure about ‘webdesign’ below BA… i don’t know what is the use of the logo (if it will be printed or only for online display) but i’m pretty sure that if you print it, ‘webdesign’ won’t be clear. think about that, make some test.

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yeh looks good to me, i like the photoshop one but i agree the border was too thin, try a pixel font, maybe it wont work maybe it will

Thanks everyone. :}

The logo, that is, if I decide to use it, will be for online display purposes only. “BA WebDesign” will not be the final title, because if you were to Google it you would see that it is taken already :upset: . So that’ll definitely be changed… I’m not sure to what though.

But anyway, thanks to all for the critiques.

LoL… copyrighted… LMAO

For some reason it looks like something I’ve seen before… hopefully it’s not.

:h: :lol:

I don’t like the font, but other than that…

…nice work. :thumb:

Thank you.

The font, yeah I’ll need to find one that better fits the design as well as the site.

The shape of the logo container is rounded, perhaps use a rounder egded font to make it more fluid - To be honest it doenst really punch me in the gut and say whooarrgh, a bit flakey (opinions…use it dont use it) …but the vector version is def better…

dunnananananananananaaananananananananananananananana BATMAAAAAAAAN! :lol:

I agree with everything pixi said.

Any suggestions on a font? And it’s my first logo, though that may not be a real excuse, I was kind of going for something simple. I’ll take a look at other logos for future projects but I think this one will stay the way it is, with the exception of small changes, for now.

nice job, i like the way it looks, it’s a simple logo!

a future note.
don’t limit your firm’s services, maybe in the future you’ll do more than just webdesign. just a thought!

I am impressed. I like the whole thing [the second one that is]. Very good work. I think its strong enought to be a full logo. But what you need to do is find a way to be able to shrink it so you can put it on buisiness cards and such…but that is just me!


I like it, nice and simple, I like the second one as everyone, and the font is not bad but could be better :slight_smile:

Thank you and yes, the font will be changed :} .

you better change that font cos it sucks.

Yes I know, it’s been mentioned already :sigh: .