Web designer needed

I’m looking to create a Full Flash/Movie website, completely interactive and dynamic. I’ll just need someone that will be able to develope the front end of the site, and to be able to work with my back end coder. You will be expected to create a complete multimedia site.

Be forwarned, this will be a a tough project to be a part of. But if it is pulled off the way I’m pictureing it, this will be a very orignial/unique/special piece of work.
This site project has been attempted by many web designers and all have failed. So my main requirement will be that you must be very confident in your skills/abilities before you even decide to message me.

The site will need to be finished within 3 weeks of starting the project. This project will pay 500 US dollars (quarter at start, rest at finish).

Contact me if you’re interested

AIM: Stnkycheezman
Email: [email protected]