Web Programming Engineer

[font=&quot]Zugara is a fast growing, award-winning interactive agency focused on developing cutting edge online marketing projects targeted towards the Gen X/Y demographic. Current clients include Sony PlayStation (SCEA) and Reebok. We’re also a lot of fun! [/font]

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[font=&quot]We are looking for a Sr. Programmer[/font][font=&quot]- someone who can create ultra lean, ultra mean code. Someone who understands that complex sites should be efficient and easy to update. The type of person who knows traditional coding and has experience integrating PHP/ASP/.NET with Flash. Experience in developing and programming Content Management Systems. Primary languages include PHP, ASP, SQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript. [/font][font=&quot]Knowledge in MS SQL Server and mySQL databases with high aptitude at working with Javascript/XML and how that applies to Flash and other technologies is a must.[/font]****[font=&quot] [/font][font=&quot]Java experience would be a bonus. ActionScripting knowledge is not essential, but understanding of how to output data to flash is required. Experience with shopping carts and community features is a plus.[/font]

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[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot].NET Technology [/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]PHP[/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]ASP (with IIS 6.0)[/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]XML[/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]CSS[/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]JavaScript[/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]SQL Programming & Optimization[/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]HTML/DHTML[/font]

[font=Symbol]·[font=&quot] [/font][/font][font=&quot]Microsoft Platforms[/font]

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[font=&quot]Candidate must be very Internet savvy and have at least 2-3 years of experience as a web developer preferably in the web hosting industry or interactive agency. As our development team grows, the ideal candidate must possess excellent communication and people skills, even under pressure and be a true hands-on person with a “can-do” attitude as many aspects of your work will depend on your willingness and ability to “make things happen”.

[font=&quot]To apply, please send email with resume including completed project URLs to [email protected]