Web site help

ok to start no i havnt got anything done but if you guys could link me to a few good sources for me this is what i need to do. upload pictures on a mod like account so i would need some way of keeping the normal people out and no i dont need a meber system. all this site is for is me and a bunch of guys i know are starting a paintball team and i was deemed the person that would do best for making this site since i already know my moderate level of flash. im going to be putting music on the page hopefully flyout menu(already got this one handled) a news wall for our team so the mod account can add in articles stuff like what gams are coming up and interesting things we need to. i also need this to be secure since you guys all know how the internet can be and a password made in flash is no good. i see sites all over without any form of password box and such yet they still do updates without a hitch this is what i want. i know ive got very little right now i just need a few links to et me moving in the right direction.
thanks alot in advance :party: