Webcam pictures in Flash

i tryed to import my webcam pictures into my webside with a flash movi.
( )

i tryed this tutorial from :

it was running, but only with mozilla. the internet explorer load only one
picture, and don’t refrech it a secound time :frowning:

now i have found another sample file from Robert Hall. its a very simple script. but the internet explorer is caching the pictures, and so you can see only the picture that i loaded first.

here are my files :

and a running/nor running version on web:

it would be nice if someone could help me…

sorry for my bad english, but its not my native language.

hmmm…i can get the above code to work just fine (with the given URL), but if I find some random webcam, for example:

that has the image at:[url=“”]

I can’t get it to work at all.

I’ve tried other numerous webcam images from various sites with no luck either.

Any ideas?