Webcam setInterval problems with IE (works in FF)

Okay, so I was working on getting a webcam to work inside of flash, so far it works in Firefox, but it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. Here’s what I’ve got in hte first frame of the timeline:

var i = 0;
function updateWebcam() {
loadMovieNum(“cam_5.jpg”, i);
webcamInterval = setInterval(updateWebcam, 10000, “updateWebcam”);

i’ve got it pusblished online here
(nothing exciting, just a street in Boston outside my cube so far…)

Basically it loads the new jpg in every 10 seconds onto a new level. On IE, it works once but then doesn’t reload anything, on FF it works fine. Any thoughts on why this is, or any better ideas on how to load in webcam jpgs?