Webserver Quesiton

If I have a server hosting a website… and I want to use my linux box and host another site do I just need to change the ports to something different then 80? and have it direct to the linux box?

Sorry if this isnt the right place to post… It seems random :smiley:

Yes, i believe that’s how you’d do it.

Yea I think all you need to do is have port 80 on your router, point to the internal IP of your server (the linux one). And of course have your linux box ready to receive traffic

yea, but im already running a webserver on a win2k box… and i want to start one on a linux box, does apache have options to change which port?

Yeah, check out the httpd.conf file.

set apache on the linux box to listen to port 8080 and throw the traffic on that port to that machine with the router settings, and then to access it, go to yourip:8080 of course :wink:

:smiley: thanks