Webservices + PHP Proxy + Flash CS4

Hello guys,

im trying to use the currency converter webservice from webservicex.net.


The problem is, their crossdomain.xml file is already out dated. It means, my simple flash app wont be able to call the wsdl methods because their crossdomain does not comply with the new rules placed by adobe.

Because of this, I used the PHP Proxy solution. the proxy.php and my swf are on the same folder.

Whenever i test it locally, it works. But when i test it on my server, it gives me an error :frowning:

Here’s the original link of the web service: http://www.webservicex.net/CurrencyConvertor.asmx?wsdl

Here’s the proxied version on my server: http://needlemouseinteractive.com/misc/proxy.php

and here is the test app that works locally but not on the server: http://www.needlemouseinteractive.com/misc/WebServices.html

Any ideas guys? Thanks Much!