Website design for rapper

Hi, hope everyone had a cool week!
I’m feeling good because my client approved the design for his Flash homepage. Currently I am making 85% in Flash, using only the textured interface background from an imported Photoshop file. The only issue (and there might be more later) is that I’m lost on designing the area beneath the graffiiti canvas photo and the white/light gray striped content window. So far, in Photoshop I used the Chalk brush to create fat, graffiti-styled strokes, then I selected the strokes and “chopped” them back. I guess my idea was to have a much larger version of the logo in black (or faded black) form from the different strokes. I’m through with that idea because of time constraints.
However, I feel that there needs to be a border of black between the header photo and the main content window. I have tried leaving a plain black rectangle to cover up my old design, but my client says that it would look too plain, and I agree with him.

So, does anyone have an ideas for creating an outline for an interface that looks subtle (non-distracting) and stylish? The look that I’m going for is kinda hard to describe… How DO you describe the hip hop art-style? Is it similar to the grunge look?

Thanks, have a great weekend