Website name

Hey everybody,
Here’s the situation: I’m building my first complete website and I was thinking of calling it B.A.-Web ( B.A. are my intials and once I have some more experience to add to my resume the site is to become my portfolio. The problem is that a B.A. Web already exists, well actually it’s So tell me, would it be too much of a “coincidence” if I went ahead and named my site BA-Web? :beam:

*Edit:When I came up with BA-Web I honestly had no idea that that site existed, I should’ve done a search. :-/ *

Yes people might get suspicious of the similarities. You could try thinking up a company name of your own and calling it

whi not get your full name?
first name last initial?

The problem with that is that I’m not looking to start a company or a company name at that. It’s just supposed to be my portfolio, so having my initials made sense.

Yeah, that makes better sense. I would use my last name, but 1/10 people can actually pronounce it let alone remember how to spell it. :huh: But I think that’s what I’m gonna have to do.

Thanks to the both of you. :thumb:

what is your last name?

and perhaps and audio pronnounciation?