Website Sounds

Hey everyone… i was wondering, where do you all get your website button and transition sounds… not those flashkit or a1 sounds, but the cool ones… would anyone like to share… i thought this would be a nice thread ;).

I usually make my own, by using FL Studio, Soundforge, etc.

Hm… that’s the thing. HOW do you make them?

I have Fruityloops (3.51) and i make loops with it. But how do you make sounds? like fundamental sounds? I don’t get soundforge at all… are you supposed to make something first them apply a whole bunch of filters to it so it becomes a sound you want? =)

I make my own using my Yamaha Motif ES88 (keyboard) . It works EXTREAMLY GOOD! I use it to make all my soundtracks too :slight_smile: . It has thousds of instraments to use. It’s pretty simple on a keyboard, just press the keys to make your sound .

To make fundamental sounds, take one of the ‘instruments’ and mess with the settings until you find a setting you like.

hell yeah it works well! i LOVE that keyboard! the rhodes and wurlitzer sounds on that thing are georgeous. if i had the money, youd bet id have one! but for now, i just drool :smiley: