Website Structure

Hello once again guys,

I am writing my first AS3 website, and I am really enjoying it. I have a few questions which are causing me a hard time.

I am not really sure how to layout my class structure, at the moment I have a XML loader class, image loader class and a gallery class (which uses the xml data to draw a gallery.)
It’s working fine and dandy, but I am having issues with tweens (completely randomly, tweens will fail to fire) and I have been told its because of the way I am loading / initializing each class.

Firstly, from my main class, I call XML loader, which fires loadGallery when it has completed loading the xml data. Once loadGallery is fired, it creates an array of movieclips to house the data (images in this case) and then calls on my loader class to populate each clip with the image data. Once this has done, it calls the tween class to fade in each frame in my gallery class.

So my main class looks like this:

on enterFrame - check if xmlLoad has finished loading data, if so init();
Init - load gallery, tween frames.

Any ideas why this is causing tween issues (using TweenLite) like I said it is completely random, 7/10 it works fine but occasionally the first frame in my gallery class won’t fade in.

Please help! I would love to hear how you guys layout you websites in actionscript, I must be doing something wrong if my script is getting carried away with itself.