Websites R' Us

Hi Guys,
I have made this Thread in the hopes that you guys can help me out a certian crazy thing i want to do

I want to build a Flash Based Website Broker,
You know selling Flash based sites to people who are to stupid to even use a Computer, In making this thread i am hoping to find out whatever possible to make this successfully work, like.

  1. How much should i charge per pre-made or custom made websites

  2. What Whould be a great way to advertise the Services of my Facility

  3. A NAME !!! I really don’t know what to name it, i was thinking on the line of Websites R’ Us but that’s so unoriginal.
    Some how it’s gotta use 1 or more of the keywords. Geo’s Giovanni’s Flash. Etc.

Thanks and Many Graces to the peron who can help me out

*Originally posted by morse *
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lol giving replies like that sure makes us look like a whole bunch of stuck up people who will only lift our finger enough to give them the link to the search page.

Well anyways here is a better link mXwarlord.

lol, I like Websites R’ Us, it’s witty :beam:

or maybe it’s just me :slight_smile:

It’s just you :P, it looks too much like Toys R Us.

well duh :sure:

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

:bad: Why does everyone keep saying duh to me :stuck_out_tongue: ?

When people hear the name Websites R’ Us, they’ll think “Rip-off !” To be honest, that’s what I thought when i saw the name …

duuuuh :crazy:

hehe… sorry mxwarlord, back to topic :sure:

it’s k i was thinking the same, It does sound like a ripoff but it whould attract the ears of sombody, unlike a name like Billy-bobs Rattlesnake shop

Morse why did you give me the link to the kirupa search engine?

ok i got an idea, 100%

"Flash Me"