Weird / stupid little thing

I’ve got this code:

_level0.tester = ‘If you’re in’;
word = _level0.tester;

Then I have a dynamic text box which has to echo the variable ‘word’. If I do this, nothing happens and the text box is empty. If I tell the text box to echo ‘_level0.tester’, it works and I get what I want. Why is this second line of code not working? Am I confused here (used to working with PHP and stuff) or what? How can I create another variable which gets the value of the first variable?



This worked for me…

By using _level0 you are defining your variable on that level and thus you need to target that level to call your variable. Remove _level0 altogether and the variable will be declared in that timeline and it should work just fine if you use just ‘tester’ instead of ‘_level0.tester’.