Well... what do you think?

This is my remake of a remake, of a remake… What do you think?


Still working on it, but I think it looks better than: http://worldsrpg.no-ip.com does…

I like the second one more…but thats justme

Not to be too harsh, but is that really a remake? seems more like a concept that hasn’t been built out or polished yet.

Its a remake in progress, I guess
The problem is, I can’t seem to make anything for myself which I like
I don’t much like the worldsrpg.no-ip.com version
And I think the one I’m still working on, http://worldsrpg.no-ip.com/Untitled-1.php looks a lot better…

But what would you/anyone suggest to spruce it up? I just wasn’t happy with the first incarnation.

I like the one you are working on now but it deffinatley as Ethan mentioned needs some cleaning up. It is always hard to make a site for yourself that you like at least for me it is so I know where you are coming from but if you keep at it, it will come to you.

Ah-ha! http://worldsrpg.no-ip.com
How’s it look now?
I had to call in an expert to help me figure out a better color-scheme and layout: my Wife. Seems women are better at picking out colors that match than I am… at least to the point where the conversation was like this:
“So what do you think I should do to fix it?”
“Well, for starters… that Gay-*** Purple is buring my retinas…”
"…but I like the purple…"
“No your don’t.”
"…yeah… I d-"
No you don’t.”
“Yes ma’am.”

I think it’s better, but…

This is hard to explain, but the site just looks dated. Web style changes just like fashion style changes are your site is sporting a mullet and wearing Hammer Pants.

That bevel border thing around the headings needs to go. The little green do thing needs to go. The clors are better, but I’m pretty sure neon colors aren’t cool anymore.

Also your header doesn’t seem to be unified. I just see it as several objects all layed together.

Sorry if that was harsh. Just trying to help a brother out.

What type of style would you suggest for the site? I guess that’s the overall problem - I don’t really have an identity…

It’s not so much choosing a current style like trend whore, or grundge, but just recreating the graphic elements you have in better ways. I would only be able to suggest going to one of those link swappping design sites and just look at all the sites that are done well.

Okay, asking again: http://worldsrpg.no-ip.com/
What do you think?
I’ve been slowly playing with things, editing, tweaking, and so far, I have to say that I really like what I’m seeing… and even though everyone is going to say: “NO, NO, NO! It’s all WRONG!” :wink:
I still want to know what you guys think…
:beam: Lemme have it! :beam:

I think the 2nd one looks cool! The only problem is that the picture takes l10years to load. The second one is much better than the "redesign"
Nice site!


heh, the top right image repeats in my browser.

What image is that?
'cause I only have 4 different images: the header, the footer, the header bar, and the background…