Were can i find how to do special effects to text in flash

were can i find how to do special effects to text in flash

what kinda special effects do you want? flash is limited, but powerful. it’s determined by how the user uses it…

like explosions were the letters fell down or, wen the word begins to apers from one side to the odder

Hello Son of Sokar,
For effects like what you are trying to use, I would recommend using a 3rd party program such as Swfx or Swish. Flash is very limited in creating text effects, and the 3rd party programs I mentioned above are far easier and faster than anything you could do in Flash.

the effects i make in swish can they be transfer or import to flash???

Hi…I’m writing to enquire where can we get this “swfx?”
can we download it directly from the internet?

Hey cyenxian, Son of Sokar,
Here’s the response to each your posts.

Son of Sokar:
Yes, Swish animations can be imported into Flash. Swish creates files in the SWF format, and you can import those Swish animations into Flash and use them along with your Flash animations. You will have to go back to Swish to edit the .swi files though. Flash cannot edit Swish files.

SWfx is made by Wildform (the makers of Flix, etc.). The URL is: www.wildform.com/swfx/

thank you kirupa

ok thanks

i want to get swfx . plz send me swfx or web site
address. bcoz i will can download .
my mailing address : [email protected]

Hey ahsan,
You can get a trial of the SWfX software from Wildform’s Web site: www.wildform.com/pr/SWfX_standalone.zip Of course, you won’t be able to save the files without registering the software first.