Whack some teachers!

Sorry for the bandwidth size on the last submission!
Here are two entries that are much smaller. I guess I have some teacher “issues”. (It’s my job)
[http://web-ucate.com/When TeachersAttack!/whack_aTeacher.html](http://web-ucate.com/When TeachersAttack!/whack_aTeacher.html)
[http://web-ucate.com/When TeachersAttack!/teacher_combat.html](http://web-ucate.com/When TeachersAttack!/teacher_combat.html)

Thank you.

Fixed your links and added the game up!

I especially like the second one :stuck_out_tongue:

Innovative :slight_smile:

Thank you for saying that.

No problem mate :wink:
Cheers :beer:

I can certainly recognize the second game- it is from “Actionscript 5 for fun and games” or maybe “Actionscript MX for fun and games”, they are basically the same book from what I heard. The first one may be too, theres one in that book rather like that as well.

Edit: Go to http://garyrosenzweig.com/books/book6.html and click on “Space rocks” to see what I was talking about. Both this entry and that uses the same explosions and apparently do the same things…

Edit again: Wait, select space combat, not space rocks.

interesting developments. Think you can post the fla?

You mean “Space Combat” but yes, that looks almost exactly the same…