What a mmorpg is and some good ones :)

Hi everybody ive really gotten into mmorpgs because they r so kewl.
ne way an mmorpg is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

And some really great oens are
Endless www.endless-online.com
Runescape www.runescape.com
Diablo 2 lod this one you need to buy(you can preorder at www.blizzard.com)

Oh thsi oen isnt multiplayer but its still pretty good (and made on flash :slight_smile: )

So those are really great mmorpg’s and all of them are free except diablo 2 lod
you need to buy.
And for ruenscape you can becoem a member with better stuff in it for 8 bucks a month and for the one made on flash to becoem a guardian with alot of begtter stuff its 15 bucks and you only need to pay once.

If you decide to play any of these:
for ruencape add to yuor friends list bazero
AND FOR endless add to your friends list akyran

enjoy :slight_smile: