What about the classic smileys?


The old smileys which this site has had forever are starting to really show their age. They were designed when 72dpi displays were all the rage :wink: :blush: :anger: :unibrow: :trout:

Today, they are all blurry. What should we do? I lean towards hiding them and creating a special page on the site where we memorialize these smileys as something core to this site’s history.



Works for me. Presumably, we could still get their paths and include them in an [img].


Yes - that will totally be doable! I could even have it so that clicking on each of the smileys will copy the img path to the clipboard with the appropriate syntax needed for the forums :ninja:


RIP :disappointed:


I think we should keep them around on the forums. They look dated because they are, but that doesn’t seem like a problem.


They don’t all work on the forums. ex:

:sen:: :sen: [edit: squishedness fixed, but now got scale blurring]


There are also collisions with the built-in set. How would I get a normal, non-legacy winky :wink: ? Is there even a way?


Embrace the retro pixelation.

Modernize them, convert them to CSS “box-shadow” via Canvas then onward to SVG. Then sell them as on-demand t-shirts, laptop static clings, temporary tattoos, etc., so we can walk around with the smilies of the past and bask in all their K-ville pixelated glory.

Long live the smileys !



I went through and renamed some of the conflicting smilies. Typing ;) from now in will use the newer :wink: version. The old one is now under :winkold:, :winkold:




Still got these poor squished guys



Fixed the squishiness!


Can you do it here too?



Didn’t even know that button existed! This will take a bit of time, for the earlier solution I used was to simply remove the explicit value for the smiley width. The aspect ratio was preserved since the height was set to 20px. That doesn’t work here.


Can I create Smileys?


A lot of us have: https://www.kirupa.com/me/credits.htm

(I also keep a bunch here: http://senocular.com/smilies/)



Absolutely, @tbo! Please ensure they are 72x72 in size. That’s the size the current smileys used on the forums are :slight_smile: