What are some fun/quirky things to improve the reading experience?

I was a bit surprised at how many people have liked the floating ghost (now hamburger) that follows the mouse cursor around or the theme chooser. What are some other things that would be cool to add [with the option for a user to easily disable]?

I always wanted to add some ambient sounds to the site? Like whale sounds, coffee shop sounds, etc.

Any others that you all can think of? Terrible ideas are also welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

whale sounds are really cool!

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That is a great idea! :slight_smile:

I reckon a Kirupa figure like Super Mario that follows the mouse and does interactions on the page would be kick ass.

  • hover over Kirupa logo-> Kirupa drinks some OJ from orange
  • click forums home → Kirupa squeezes into house
  • hover over tutorials → Kirupa flicks through the book
  • hover over search-> Kirupa grabs the magnifying glass
  • click like → Kirupa blows party horn
  • click profile picture-> Kirupa waves
  • click link → Kirupa hits it with oversize hammer

Add some sound effects and it would take it to another level…

But hey chuck it in the terrible idea basket :thinking:
Its a lot of work making svg sprites…


Honestly the floating hamburgers caught my eye …i really loved it , you could add a catg sound everytime we open your page , as a cat lover id definitely love that.

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