What are the jobs like out in the world today for FLASH?

Hey everyone,

i was just wondering is there someone out there that works with a company or anything that does flash pages/intro’s/banners… what ever is it…

Can someone tell me whats it like? Is pay good? or does the pay have the potential of being very good. Can someone also tell me the positives and negatives about it…

Im a young guy really interested in this field…
Come someone tell me?


Well, lets put it this way. You know who Sinfinity is right? Well, he got laid off. And he’s pretty dam good.

Its a very unstable market. If you are good enough to get accepted onto a team like 2Advanced or something like that, then you could be set for a while, but there really is no job security because there is always someone out there that is better than you.

IF you have design and print knowledge then the pay is exceptional. My girlfriend has a degree in design and has been doing web page design for about 6 years now. She makes about 50 dollars an hour currently, but when the economy was a little better she was up to 70 for some jobs.

The real problem is that so many people like myself just want to break into the field with Flash and that’s it… my suggestion is to do what I’m doing.

A) Learn other programs. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Dreamweaver; A couple of back end programing languages like PHP, ASP, Coldfusion… mySql etc.

B) Try to get yourself a job at a print shop. Kinkos is a good place to start, though I’d suggest a straight print shop. Learn what ever you can from that business.

Try to develope a portfolio. Take everything you create, retool it until it looks nice, and then gather it together in a nice display that you can bring with you to job interviews.

Ultimately at this point in the economy of America, it’s not that easy to make good cash doing this… but I see that changing in the future.

So would you say it is worth getting into?

Do you think in the near future IT will pic back up again?

Because to me, FLASH seems to be the next big thing for the internet. I mean there isn’t that many ppl out there that can do flash if u really think about it… Most ppl only use flash as a plug-in…

what do u think?


We’re on the edge of holographic technology. Vector based 3D will be infinitely important in the future. Unless you’re goal is that direction, don’t bother. Learn C instead and you’ll get a better job.

To tell the truth though this is a touchy subject for me.
As someone who wants to get into the market, and believes that he can make an impact upon that market, I’m inclined to tell all people to put away your web tools and leave the business to myself and my fiance. After all… I’m trying to buy a house here. :slight_smile:
As a mentor who has received numerous koodos from a lot of the posters here, I find myself a teacher, which is one of the most honorable things that I can do in life, in my book.
As a student of Flash I know that each of you contribute to my knowledge base, and I find the continued communal exploration of this program to be therapeutic.

So I’d say yes… continue. But continue because Flash Kicks ASS, not because you can make a buck at it.

Even if all you ever do is send animated greeting cards to your loved ones, the world will have benefited from it.

I love Flash and all of its capabilities, and I would like to find a job where I can make some money off of my [lack of] skill. I am also studying to become an archaeologist, which is my primary goal. Hopefully i will be able to concentrate on both while I am studying and also while I am in the field. Maybe make a little money on the side with some web development…I’m not looking to get rich with it…I know that for the rest of my life I will be looking to make ends meet.

Im interesting in learning C… But not to a great extent. I only want enough knowledge of C that allows me to embed my flash work into it. But i still dont understand how C would be better then Flash? Flash is more dynamic/animatable/more effective/more flexible… Surely all these features are obviously better then C… or are they?

Is it because there is more C programmers out there then Flash developers? Or ppl are scared of change? To be completely honest, i think it’s all bullsh*t… And i completely agree with you that flash definately takes the cake.

At the moment im studying Ebusiness, during this course i will study dreamweaver, C programming etc… But sometimes i sit and wonder “what will the job market be like when im finished?” Im still young, im 18 and i dont want to make the wrong move in my life. I have an oppitunately to move to Ohio, Cleveland this Feb and work in a Advertisement company. I think maybe my oppitunaties would be greater in the states then here in Australia.

Or maybe i just worry so much? Thats why im trying to learn as much Flash as possible so i dont get behind in the evolution of IT… My older brother has a degree in C programming, specialises in Cold Fusion… Hopefully he could guild me in the right direction…



Quake III is programed with C++

that’s about as dynamic as you get.

i dont care, flash is more fun…