I need help on best outlook for entering the Flash industry

Hello everyone.

For the last few months now I have been busy teaching myself Flash. I have gone through some of the Lynda.com tutorials, Cartoonsmart Tutorials, and online courses offered through my alma mater and company. I’ve parsed through some books on the subject as well. Over these last few months I have become acquainted with the Flash drawing tools, interface, and recently I have begun looking at ActionScript 2.0.

My question is where are the “hot” areas now in Flash development? What are the most in demand positions relating to Flash?

I am thinking of switching careers (I am currently an Electrical Engineer) and was wondering what transition would be the least disruptive to me and my family (by that I mean keeping around the same standard of living, etc). I understand I will probably make less starting out but I also dont want to try to support a family on 20K a year.

Also what are the outlooks on job growth/stability within the Flash industry?

Thanks guys.