What are your favorite code editing themes?

It seems like almost everybody has their own favorite UI theme to use in Atom, VS Code, Sublime, Textmate, etc. Share what your code editor looks like. Don’t be shy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my Atom UI setup:

I jump between a variety of Dark themes, but my current favorite is nord-atom-ui and nord-atom-syntax.


I’ve fairly recently switched from primarily using Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code. I figured it was a good time to re-evaluate my preferences for a color scheme rather than using the default, which I had been doing with Sublime. But it turns out I prefer, or simply have gotten too accustomed to the Sublime default (Monokai) so I had to get a variation of that for Code.

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I’ve always had a problem with deciding on syntax coloring. About 5 weeks ago I caught some kind of virus (not the computer kind!) that, among other things was killing my eyes in light, indoor florescent lights, and especially computer monitors.

At that time I downloaded a few themes for flash develop, looking at it now I guess I settled on MonokaiDarkSoda, which seems to be different than MonokaiDarkSoda-theme, at least in my folder. I seem to recall downloading some that were modified but I dont know.

Anyway looks like this for me, slightly different than senoculars

Before that dark theme i always just accepted a programs default, which is of course bright white. We recently had a thread here about monitor size and resolution, and thats one downside im feeling in my setup. A few large monitors are like looking at the sun, even when dimmed down, add a white background to them and it just hurts!

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I just use the default in RStudio. The time it would take to change the theme would probably be more than I actually spend coding.

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Id like to think that means its really hard to change themes in rstudio

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I use Sublime Text 3 as my main editor for most of the things. I use solarized dark as the color scheme and ayu mirage as the theme. I write Clojure at work (and for fun as well :slight_smile:) so I have, some additional packages for bracket highlight, rainbow brackets etc.

Screenshot with some sample code:

I refuse to use Emacs which everyone else uses, but I think it requires more than ten fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

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