What do you use?

Just curious here. A couple of friends of mine got into a conversation as to how “manly” it was to use a lufa sponge and body wash in the bath/shower. A few said it was very “gay” and they would never use one, while a few others said they would have it no other way. It was faster, cleaner and actually felt like you were clean after.

What do you guys use?

if its bar soap then i just hold it in my hand and if its like a body wash like the old spice body wash (what i use now cuase it smells sexeh like) then i just put that in my hand too. Sometimes i use a wash cloth like after football but not usually.

Lufa? lol

I use soap made out of animal fat and bath outside in a hot spring while grunting like a real man.

looks around

ummm, yah… me to Sen… uhhh me to?!

Yeah… Bar of soap in hand seems to work the best :smiley:

I scrape up the scum off of the sides of the tub, then use them to suds up. Then, after my g/f is done with the dishes, I can rinse off…