What do you use?

I am looking at purchasing a new firewall instead of using the existing one I have with Windows XP. I was wondering what ones you guys use and if you have any suggestions.

From what I know so far (from friends and others) Zone Alarms is supposed to be a great one, but apparently it wont let some pages load and freezes some sites as well as slows your computer down - ALOT.

Any ideas? What do you use?

I had Zone Alarm on my laptop back in high school, it never caused me any troubles…


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as for firewall, i personally don’t use one. i just don’t care. i have a virus scanner which pretty much does everything for me. if someone drops a trojan, it’ll detect it and take action. but if you want a good combination, get mcafee’s virusscan which also comes with a personal firewall which is pretty stingy about anything and everything that goes through your internet.

I use a hardware firewall, I find it to be much less intrusive, and just as secure. However, if you are putting this on a laptop I assume that means you wish it to be portable. Zonealarm works just like it is setup. If you set really strict policies it will stall or crash some sites, or if you set moderate policies it should work ok. Either way I reccommend a good virus scanning tool. =)


Zonealarm Pro is a great choice. It teaches itself, meaning it prompts you for the first few days with any new programs ‘wanting to send or bring in anything’. And any new activity later on. Just a matter of a few clicks. As for protection I remember CNET saying that this software is as good as personal firewalls get.

As for it freezing some sites and slowing down the computer I’ve not experienced that at all. I have heard that people using P2P programs to share files have had problems once installing ZAPro. If you buy it from a shop and its been sitting there for some time make sure you download the updates from them. The updated version works with any site I’ve ever browsed and my computer purrs sweetly just as ever. My computer is definately not at the top or the middle of the market for that matter.

I remember reading that hackers don’t bother with dial-ups as its too much bother for them so they go for those with the highest bandwith. Makes it a whole lot easier for them apparently. So firewalls are not really a nessesscity for dial-ups I hear. The way I see it you can’t be too sure so got a firewall.

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eilose, your footers are great. and i love how you combine it with your avatar. a nice combination of spectacular work.

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