What does a designer do, when he/she is out of ideas?

Hi folks,

I’m an amateur web/graphics designer, still fairly new to the scene. I’ve been going like crazy doing designs and they have been getting much better up until recently. Now I’m almost in an equivalent of writers block for a designer. I can’t think of any good new ideas. I try stuff out, but everything I’m coming up with sucks. I’ve tried dabbling in others areas of design to give myself new ideas and new styles/techniques, so I tried doing some vector art and it really helped. I even created some alright stuff. But now after just a couple of days of doing that, I’m back to designers block, except now I can’t think of any new designs for web pages or graphics INCLUDING vector art. 1 step forward and 2 steps back…

What should I do? What should a designer do when he needs inspiration and fresh ideas and hes got none?

…What do you do? When your out of ideas and you need them fast? If you have a client and he needs a DAM good design by the end of the week, or if you work in a design studio and your expected to have good ideas. What do you do? Is there anything you can do?

Any advice for this ‘noob’ to the design biz is very welcome. :beam: