What font?

OK guys, in light of their being so many serious threads on the boards I am posting a very simple question, that nobody can take and make an argument out of. :slight_smile: What font is this in this page?


I’m talking about the font for the links. Maybe you guys know what this is or a different font that looks like this one?

Thanks guys!

If you are talking about the font in the main navigation on the left hand side, I would have to say that it looks like Verdana to me.

no it’s not you ignoramus!!

just kidding. :wink:

I have no clue.

Actually you are right. I am an ignoramus. Ya know why? Because that is not Verdana. I took a screenshot and sized them up in Photoshop, besides the letter spacing being off (which you can do in flash without it being because of the font), the w’s were more rounded at the bottom than Verdanas. The a’s are different and the c’s are slightly different.

But if you want a font that is close to what they have, I say use Verdana. You can always e-mail them and ask them what they used. I think that would be more effective than asking us:)

Heh thanks Lost. I used Verdana and it is pretty **** close. LOL you didnt have to size it up, but thank you for your time!


Haha, I was really curious of the differences. Most of the letters were still the same.

The exceptions were the W’s, the A’s, and the C’s. I guess that stands for WAC me upside the head for thinkin it was Verdana…haha:)

hey… I don’t know if you already asked to the webmaster or if you finished whatever you’re doing using Verdana… still I’d give my vote to Century Gothic or TwCen MT

Century Gothic…ehhh, I don’t think its that. Century gothic is kind of boldish.

TwCen MT - I have no clue what that is. I looked it up on google and found it, but it didn’t really look like the font used on the site. Maybe the one I found wasn’t it though.

I might be wrong… maybe you’re the wrong one… or could be worst… both of us wrong

we will know if someone asks what **** font was used :slight_smile:

You know what. I am e-mailing them right now!

<B>EDIT:</B> E-mail Sent!

fine by me… I don’t want to keep any doubts

seems to be that we’ll have to wait until you get the response… :-\

BOOYAH!!! The guy never replied to me. Pretty ignorant if you ask me.

Anyways, I went on a hunt and I found out what font it is on my own.

It is called Standard 07_53 (or Standard 07_55) and you can get it at www.miniml.com

It is one of the free fonts they offer (only contains letters and numbers). Unfortunately for some reason they ask for a username and password when you click to download. Even though they say it is free.

Oh by the way airwave…TAKE THAT!!! I DID WIN (for those of you who don’t know we had a …debate(?) over who won on who got the font right or the closest)

well… well… well…

I knew that… but I didn’t wanted to tell you… lol

Haha, sure ya did.

[size=1]this is funny!![/size]

I just realized that I do have that font… but doesn’t work in fireworks… bad luck :-\

Haha, that does suck though.

Irony takes it’s toll once again…

haha thanks guys!