What fps for capturing analog video for flv progressive download

I want to use the progressive download technique with Flash MX 2004 Professional, but am getting very poor results. I think it is because I am not capturing my analog video at the proper frame rate and I cannot find any information anywhere (including Adobe Premiere) to help me with this. If anyone out there has done this, PLEASE help me out with this.



I am finding it’s best to capture at 29.97 or 30 and export at the same or an even division, such as 15 fps. I have had 0 luck exporting myself out of Cleaner. I have a friend who has gotten results but only out of Premiere Pro.

Is the audio extrememly out of sync with the video?


Thanks for your response. Since I posted, I have used 30 with better results. I am taking relatively short segments (2-6 minutes) and the audio isn’t perfect but it stays fairly close (on broadband).

Someone I am doing work for wants to have video segments play via dial-up connection. I have a book that said you can’t go much beyond 6 fps for dialup, but that didn’t work. Have you done anything with video via dialup?


I haven’t done much work for the dial-up market. For a project I’m working on we decided that dial-up wasn’t an option. I would think a better solution for dialup would be to set the fps to 15 and set the quality lower like 40-50% or limit the bandwidth to 56k (which using Flash’s exporter wouldn’t look so great).

Do you have any links for your findings?

www.meshybeats.com/components/ is the best example for a working FLV I have found.

Have you noticed impairment of FLV’s on slower computers?