What happens to your (digital) stuff when you die?

Sometimes I wonder about what would happen if I died - most specifically about all my digital “possessions.” Most of my files, personal files, tutorials, examples, etc. etc., exist across a couple of computers and strewn about among many other drives in a state of disarray and redundancy (which last night I decided I would organize - a daunting task to say the least). If I died, chances are some one would either get my computers or they might even be disposed of… or, for that matter, my mother might take them and not let anyone else have them as they would remind her too much of me at which point they might not be discovered until she dies where, then, they would certainly be disposed of as a result of being so old (then again the no one would probably care about the files on there then anyway).

What Im getting at is more of a concern of a my dying sometime in the near future. What would happen to all my files? I have countless tutorials that Ive started and never finished (well, I can count them but “countless” has a better effect) as well as files and extensions which never made their way into other people’s hands. If I died, would all these be lost forever? Who would know well enough to go through all my crap (I have a hard enough time sorting through it myself) and know what’s useful and what isnt? Chances are, that is no one. Im starting to feel I need prepare for such a contingency where, when I die, I can have this folder that I can instruct someone to just upload and make accessible to everyone so all that I have wouldnt be lost.

Sadly, since I have no pr0n collection, few people would have much interest in my files, but I think those who use Flash/Fireworks/other web technologies might at least like to have the opportunities to go through some of this junk to see if there’s anything they’d be interested in.

After I finish organizing, Ill see what I can do about that.