What i think is a simple question

here’s the deal…\r\ri pulled a simple *.fla off the net, and attempted to \rexperiment with it.\r\rhere is the script:\r\rnum = random(101);\rsetProperty ("/box", _alpha, num);\r\r – this is basically for the strobe affect.\r\rthe fla that was downloaded works like a champ.\rwhen i duplicate every thing in my own fla, and then\rplay it… the actual strobe isn’t as fast at all.\r\ri don’t know why that is… i’m thinking i’m forgetting\rsome thing. does any one know what the heck the\rproblem is here. i’m starting to get frustrated big\rtime. \r\roh yeah… almost forgot to mention; \ri also used the property * _visible *, but that seems\rto be slower too. \r\ri can adjust lots of stuff in the original fla, and it works \rgreate, but when ever i try to do the same for mine… it’s\rfreaking slower. \r\rany help would be really appreciated.\r\rthanks…

check to see if the frame per second is different in the fla you dled. To change your frame rate, press control+M and increse the number of frames per second. this will probably fix your problem

i’ll give it a go, but another thing i noticed right \rafter i made that post was that the color selection was not the same which suggest the mode was different, which could also cause a slow down cause of the additional transitional frames.\r

‘iamnot’\r\rthanks alot… when ever i say to my self “it’s probably some thing simple”… it ends up being some thing that sets me back in what ever flash animation i’ve been working on.\r\ryou are right!! it was only the fps.\r\rthanks for the reply!!\r

i’m just happy that i gave you the right advice…:slight_smile: