What Is Electron and Why Is It So Polarizing?

by kirupa | filed under Web Apps

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Nice article, too bad the controversial aspects of performance and security can’t be improved faster. WebViews and now Electron, where are we heading with this web apps series? Maybe culminating in using the native webviews of the host OS and not needing middleware?

It’s a troubling trend. I love the web, but I do greatly dislike the loss in performance web apps (even in the desktop form) typically bring with them. Here is one example that surprised me about Dropbox:

At some point, I would expect always-running apps like Dropbox to be respectful of system resources and not rely on a web layer to make their UI work.

Yeah indeed, I mean its nice that we have gotten to this point, but we need to hopefully reach and mirror more closely with native apps concerning app size, performance management. etc. Its nice to develop once with web tech and deploy across multiple platforms but sadly most times those solutions come with various costs.

I think there are some cleaver approachs being sought out, here is one example.

Also Flotato is a pretty interesting conccept.

Hopefully we will get there, but its been a rather bloated experience in the meantime. I think web tech will prevail as an alterntaive to native, it cant get worse (I hope). :wink: