What is good method to parse several files?

I want to load menu which contains several options using XML parsing. The menu would load as xml and each option too.

For example:
Menu -> What’s New? | Web | Contact
Container -> which contains data of each option

<option>What’s New?</option>


What is the ideal way to deal with XML parsing?
Let’s if I don’t want to create two same method of parsing.
For now on, I can load menu…

Thinking to create a Object class:
package {
public class objItems {
public var date:String;
public var description:String;
public var icon:String;

package {
var _loader:URLLoader;
var obj:ObjectItems;
var menuList: XMLList;

public class LoadFile {

public function LoadFile():void {
obj = new ObjectItems();
_loader = new URLLoader();
_loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, parseXML);
_loader.load(new URLRequest(obj.file_menu));

protected function parseXML(event:Event):void {
try {
var menu:XML = new XML(_loader.data);
// Create a list of buttons
menuList = menu.option;
} catch (e:Error) {
… error…