What is the name of those tracing desks?

you know the ones where it is like a box, with the top panel being perspex and a light in it so that tracing is easy.

anyone know what they are called?

thanks for your time

light table?

yeah i would go with light table, my mate bought a a3 light table for his illustration/animation art, pretty handy for what he uses it for.

It’s called a lightbox. :slight_smile:

cheers people. I’ll see if i can find one now on the internet for very few ££’s

they’re actually not that hard to make…i mean, if you can get a cheap one, sure, but really, if you think about what it consists of, i think you could make one really cheap and only a few hours.

it’s basically a light bulb under some perspex. The box bit itself might be a bit tricky (unless you could buy something pre-made) but yeah… in the past, i’ve actually just stuck a desk lamp under my brothers desk (it’s got a glass top) and it works fine :slight_smile: