What is this?

I use to be able to click on a .swf file and have my computer open up a flash movie in a window just like if you were to test it in flash but without opening flash. Now, I get this stupid message saying my computer does not know what the file is (see the attached photo).
I have the flash plug in so I can see it in browsers and what not, but just not stand-alone.

How can I see a movie by just clicking on the file again?!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


A similar thing happened to me once. If you install a 3rd party flash projector “maker” it can overwrite the file association settings for swf files. So if you uninstall it, the swf wouldn’t be recognised.

If you right click on the swf, and go to open with (I have xp so if you have win 98 I think it’s shift and right click). Then find the flash player under the players folder, where flash is installed.

It may work.

okay, here’s the odd thing…

My only option to open any .swf file is with the Flash MX program itself. I have to run the Flash MX program, then it will take me to the ‘preview’ mode and show any given movie there.

It use to be that I could just click on it, then it would show on my desktop, no programs needed.

I’ve gone to Macromedia’s site, but the downloaded player they have is for the browsers only. I have to be missing a seperate player here.

The player should be under - normally - :

C:\Program files\Macromedia\Flash MX\Players\SAFlashPlayer.exe

Try that open with thing and point to the player above.

ok, first: it worked.

  second: *you rule*!

Thanks for the help!

peace owt…