What is your idea about using a blade server for personal computing?

Does any one use a local blade server as your personal computer? And a netbook with just the essentials when you are travelling? I am thinking about some basic Proliant models with Ubuntu. Do you see any disadvantages in this setup? I kind of lost trust with laptops. I have a HP Pavilion laptop, but its keyboard stopped working couple of months after purchase. After that Windows or Ubuntu is not detecting the Wi-Fi adapter. So I don’t want to get another laptop because I am not liking any of the models. :confused:
Currently, most of the time I don’t carry the laptop when I travel because of inconvenience.

I tried that for a few months many years ago, and the inconvenience of app incompatibility, things not working because of spotty WiFI, etc. made me go back to my laptop. I bought a Macbook Air that I jump between OS X (err…MacOS) and Windows (via Bootcamp). That gave me the best flexibility in software, and the Apple laptop hardware is really REALLY good. The Air is also very portable with very decent battery life.

That might be something for you to consider :stuck_out_tongue:

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