What program you use to make a total Flash Site?

I wanna make a site that is all flash where I could put information and images on it. I wanna create something like a template. What program do you use?

Well if it is all flash, that would only need Flash.

Now if you are talking about HTML editing, you can do that in notepad if you want. I personally use Dreamweaver and think it is worth every penny. Other people use Microsoft Frontpage, I hear that is good too.

Thank you. You recommend Dreamweaver for a full-flash site? ok

Hey icebox,
Yeah, DreamWeaver is really good for Flash sites. Similarly, FrontPage is also quite good. It all depends on which program you feel more comfortable using. But, if you are interested in only creating a full-flash site, Flash is the only program you’d probably need.

Kirupa :rambo: