What’s the deal with adobe cc?

I do not want to pay a monthly fee for everything or a monthly fee for one app. I want to just pay for what I use and for only the period I use it. I do not always use these apps everyday. Is there anyway you can get a basic version of adobe animate? Without paying a monthly fee? It is confusing me.

I think CS6 was the last suite to offer one-time purchase licenses. If you can dig up one of those somewhere from some third party seller (Adobe doesn’t sell them anymore) you should be able to get what you want… but, err, it was still Adobe Flash back then, not Animate.

Otherwise you need a subscription.

Can I share a subscription with someone who uses this daily or more often than me? Is this legal?

I’m not entirely sure, but I would guess technically not; it depends on the license agreement (this is not an area I have a lot of familiarity in).

According to the agreement, It looks like you can only sign in to, at most, two at any one time. You can install it on only two separate computers but use the apps only once(a computer) a time.

Adobe still has a huge user base though many have found the open source GIMP suite, Blender I believe is the animation program, there are others, and are now quite comparable and compatible with Photoshop. Though the learning curve is still somewhat steep. My wife and I are, for now, still using Ye Olde Photoshop CS5. When I can no longer keep that running or installed I have at least already got myself fairly familiar with GIMP, and Inkscape. I’m not willing to pay the monthly fee either, call me cheap! LOL