What Server script are better to use? ASP or PHP

you could :slight_smile: execute the class by using php :slight_smile:

an example of what i used to call a class and run some serious checks…

$txt = new Java('txtxxxSensoredxxxMail', "{$absolute_path}/{$new_file}", "{$_GET['xxxx']}");
$answer = $txt->Procesar();

Windows XP = Xray program, sorry im agianst windows :wink: If it wasnt for my parents using this computer, linux would be on here. ASP isnt all that powerful, yes it has somethings that its hard to do with php, but if php cant do it, thats where the good old fashoin perl comes in, if your more advance and your going to use a great programming language that can pretty much do anything, use perl. Look what paypal.com has dome, although its done with php too. Have you seen a asp version of a site like that? No, ASP is very buggy imo. Theres so many things i can put php, perl , asp down, but most of it would be towards asp, because it timesout pretty fast. If your going to make a huge website, and you want to pull alot of records, and you dont want the page to timeout, your not going to want to ASP, use perl or php. Of course php is much easier, so php. Bad sides on php, its not real-time programming, so you cant have a real time chatroom, unless you cheap code it, with a javascript and make the page all wacky with frames, same with perl. Asp, you can have a live chat. But a live chat that cant handle alot of records. Its also depending on what your sites going to be doing, say you want to have a live chat, yes asp. If not use php, because of the ease. ASP = long codes.

Heres an example of printing something in both languages:

print(“Hello world!”);

Response.Write(“Hello world!”); //if im incorrect please tell me, i dont know asp all that much

Theres another thing to look at:
Whats more popular, at hotscripts there are:
PHP 10,101 Records
ASP 3,325 Records

Thats a pretty big differnce to me. Im sure i would want to use the more popular one, as theres more support, forums, tutorials on the web. Not many people use asp in the communities i visit, http://namepros.com (tell them i sent you in the signup form, same username ;)), http://codewalkers.com (its actually a php site…), http://dnforums.com.

Theres not many asp programmers out there. And if there is, im sure they know php, and rather use php. I can go on and on all **** day on this, i have better things to do, like playing http://iro.ragnarokonline.com lol

And work on my website thats done, just make it better, http://b3v.net free website url masking for short urls, works just like a domain.


for one, asp is often used for larger enterprise sites that are microsoft suck-ups… in which case the programmers get lots of money :smiley:

that’s why I’m learning it… or at least that’s what my dad’s really really smart friend says :wink:

Actually, .Net/JSP is more commonly used for sites like that :wink:

Microsoft is actually loosing business, they just recently lost a multimillion contract, and they went to linux. Within the next 10years, people will be turning to linux unless microsoft does something , fast. All there software is hackable. For instance microsoft internet explorer, msn messegner. Its all easy :-/. I dont even use internet explorer, i use a program called Mozzila Firefox, much much faster too, and not a huge file.

I have seen this topic, go on for weeks. With 200 pages -_-

yep… mcgiver’s firefox hate thread was really long… and now he loves it :stuck_out_tongue:

also, about your JSP issues, to host JSP sites from Apache you need to use an Apache module called mod_jk, or mod_jk2. Google for it :slight_smile:

yep… I am installing jk right now :smiley:

but I think I’m gonna get jk2 now that I see it, thanks…

JSP is pretty fun, i made the first virtual pet game like neopets in jsp that i know of, but unfortunatly, noone ever used it, so i deleted it :-/

How do you install something like, i have a deticated server, is there a way to add a new module with web host manager?

I actually block ASP sites lol, i dont let it load up.

$lynx anybody?? hehe…

Axilant sorry br0, cant help ya there, there must be tons of sites to find with google.

depends on your web server —
for IIS aspx+MS-SQL server, for Apache PHP+MySQL, for tomcat JSP+JDBC

Actually it’s possible to run Apache PHP AND SQL Server 2000, or IIS and MySQL, they’re lots of combinations. You just gotta find the right Drivers to access the data.