Head-to-Head: PHP vs. ASP.NET

A semi-biased article from Microsoft that i thought is worth sharing (since the question is asked so often) =) :


semi-biased? lol

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**semi-biased? lol **

Just a lower-case lol? You have far more restraint than I. :wink:


well actually… it was more like [SIZE=9]LOL[/SIZE]

lol… ok… ok… totally biased… just didn’t wanna make it sound inflamatory :beam: :stuck_out_tongue:

semi-quoted from article
And ASP.net is much more reliable because its run on our WINDOWS servers -<insert mocking laughter here>- The high quality of Microsoft products … blah blah blah blah blah blah

LOL… yeah… now that i think of it again, I should’ve not posted it… it’s such a misguidance :sleep:

Haha, anyone know of a non-biased article or have a suggestion? I’m about to put together my first mySql site w/ either asp or php and I’m pretty much new to both so any advice?

if you want to do real big projects, asp is the better solution. but for the average-sized project i would use php…

why would asp be the better solution? I find php to be easier to learn and more powerful (especially with the new version coming out).

i meant, when you know both, and you have to decide which one you use for a certain project… php is really much easier to learn. my teacher told me that asp is better for bigger projects because for example when defining variables, you tell it what type it is (string, boolean…)