What should I do?

I have a rare evening where I’m actually in town, not working, and have to choose between social obligations. So I’m going to axe your opinions since it’s more fun than thinking.

Option 1:
Go to Bee Movie with a girl I’m very slowly putting the moves on that may or may not be interested in me. Probably will involve me buying dinner and tickets.
Pros: She’s hot and has an Irish accent.
Cons: Bee Movie? Puke. 50 dollars I don’t really want to spend. Long drive to pick her up / take her home.

Option B:
Go to a gallery auction for a local alternative newspaper which is varying levels of suck and awesome with one of my friends.
Pros: Possibly cool art. Maybe there will be interesting people there? Little to no driving!
Cons: My friend is obnoxious, but I’ve been ignoring her a lot lately so maybe I should?

Decide for me.